If you have to walk, make sure you’re wearing the right shoes

Am I there yet?

Seems like I’ve been walking the same path for so long. I look for a change of scenery, words of relief, a sign of change, but nothing in sight. My feet hurt.

I’m walking on hard ground, rocky, and dismantled. I am wearing high heels. My feet hurt.

I start to complain. I start to feel sick from my words. My vision becomes blurry. My mouth sore.

My feet hurt. Why do they hurt?

…because I am wearing the wrong shoes. I forgot to change them for the weather. I kept on the same pair because of my pride. I wanted to look good. So I kept on walking in high heals when I should have been wearing sneakers.

I’m walking

whether I like it our not. I have to change my shoes. I have to be ready for the journey.

Sometimes you have to let go of the luxuries and walk. Walk to where ever you have to go next in life. Change your thoughts and actions accordingly. You can’t move to the next level, still thinking and acting like you did in the past.

You’re growing

You’re changing

Your life is changing

Everyone has to walk at some point in their life.

Walk into your victory

Walk into your purpose

Walk into your joy

But make sure

You’re wearing the right shoes…

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