Marry me?…Not until you say I do?

Until you say I do, it’s so unofficial. I would do anything just to hear those words. Desperate? Lonely? Fearful?

Wake up.

You’re dreaming?

He hasn’t proposed.

He doesn’t exist.


But you do.

And by the way, have you said I do?

To who?

To you?

Vows have a place in joint. Have a place individually.

You must be whole. Complete before you join. There is no hole a man can fill in your heart. you. You must be complete within.

He can love you, help you, care for you, provide for you, but not complete you.

The one who created you..completes you. Without His love, you will feel empty.

Even with all the prizes in life, you think equate happiness.

So have you said I do?

I do

Love myself

I do

Value my gifts

I do

Respect my body

I do

respect my mind

I do

honor my creator

I do

expect the best for myself

I do

Live on purpose

I do

commit to my health

I do

love others

I do

live life to the fullest








I do

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