Its time to throw out the trash

So you have a past. Don’t we all?

We store up memories of our pains, failures, and regrets. They haunt us day by day. What a hindrance it is to carry around so much baggage. So what, you messed up. Don’t we all?

OK you messed up BIG time. You can’t just let it go.

Why not? What’s your reason? I’m waiting. So fill in the blank .I cant let go of my past because____________________________________

Finished? Read it over.

I bet your response is not valid enough to justify you holding on to that baggage.

Throw it out

Not only does it effect you, but those around you. It effects your performance, your attitude, your future, your life.

We all need a fresh start once in a while.

Were you fired from your job?

Got a bad grade?

An argument with a loved one?

Car accident?

lack of money?

lack of hope?

Low self esteem?

You can begin again. You can get your passion back for life.

But first, you have to throw out the trash.

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