Two Cents and Two Weeks

I had a recent experience where I was at a low. After paying all my bills, I had two cents left in my bank account, and two weeks left to go til my next pay. What was I to do? How would I afford food, gas for my car, parking, etc.?

It was scary.

But do you know, I was sustained. Money came from unexpected places and mostly from me blessing other people. I didn’t have much gas in my car yet I was taking people where they needed to go.

God blessed me for it.

Most of the money I was given was given to me without even asking.

Its not luck, or coincidence.

It was simply God.

I didn’t stop going to work, or my internship, or church because I was afraid without money. I simply prayed.

It was one of the hardest but best experiences of my life.

I know God is real.

How has God been real in your life?

Give thanks today.

Happy Friday,

Be Blessed.

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