How to be happy

No one can teach you how to be happy. No one can tell you exactly how it feels. No one can tell you what to reach for to make you happy. Because its not the things or the people, or the gifts or the wants and the wishes. After a while it all fades away.

In order to answer the question, how to be happy, people ask, “what makes you happy?”

However, I’ve discovered that happiness is not external but internal. Happiness can actually be temporary. It can be a mirror of feelings dictating your life. It can be a telescope of desires magnified by your heart.

Happiness is…not what you think

Happiness is…not the need

Happiness is not the emotion.

Happiness is the standard

Happiness is the decision

Happiness is the choice

Not limited to or equal to great things alone, great people in your life, or wonderful accomplishments, but your deliberate action to choose to live…


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