Getting Simplified

Lately…meaning over the past year and a half, I have been living a simple life. Not by choice though. I, like every other young person my age, want the new stuff, the latest stuff, the expensive stuff. Yup, I do.

But lately, that has not been an option. I have responsibilites that push a lot of my wants out the way.


It was not easy at first. In fact, I had to learn some hard lessons. I am on the quest to live wealthy. In my opinion, wealth is living successfully within your means, Not your neighbor’s means. So how can I measure my wealth in comparison to the life of someone else? Its just not wise to do so. I will never grow to reach the success of someones life, I have that responsibility for my own life.

So in order to reach my goal of wealth, I have had to simplify. And just when I think, I’ve simplified as much as possible, I am forced to simplify even more.

But the appreciation is, the more I stop trying to force things into my life that do not belong, the closer I get to wealth, peace, and prosperity. The more relieved I feel that I have less of a load to carry.

It’s becoming a wonderful feeling.

I’m enjoying

Getting simplified.

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