If one day was today…

Some times we take for granted time. We, including myself. There are times when I really take my time. I mean really.

I’m stress free and can be a free spirit at times. Which is fine..I think. But sometimes moving slow isn’t always the best.

In fact, it can be selfish. I’m sure many will disagree, but let me explain.

Some things in life are urgent because each day is not promised to all. We have loved ones to cherish, changes to make, differences to seek, and challenges to overcome, but we can’t always take our time to do these things.

Why wait to do tomorrow what we can do today?

Is there any task in your life that qualifies as urgent? and I don’t mean taking out the trash. Something that is weighing on your heart, and has been for a while now…

You may have said to yourself or to others …”One day I will….(fill in the blank)…”

What if one day was today?

Think about it…

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