Are you saving?

Have you ever had that feeling of relief after you have waited to receive something new?

Maybe you needed a new car, some books for school, to pay off some bills, a new wardrobe, some new friends, or a special companion. Whatever it is that you’ve saved your time, energy, and money to receive, I bet you have felt like it was worth the wait once you received it.

The question is are you still saving?

Saving is a process I believe should be continuous. When we don’t save there is a thing called greed which tries to take over. Greed is not just with money. It can be with other things as well. If you don’t use your resources, time, money, wisdom, etc. effectively, it can make life more difficult.

You have to know what’s worth saving for. Material things are not always worth saving for, neither are our strong desire to be popular.

Am I investing in things to make me happy? Or am I seeing the bigger picture of investing in things that last a lifetime.

Am I putting myself in financial, emotional, mental, and social debt to be liked, or feel temporarily satisfied?

Am I saving?

What changes must I make to save?

What am I saving for?

Will what I am saving for bring me peace?

If yes,

Then it’s worth it

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