Letting go

Too many times we hold on to what or who we don’t need. It is not always easy to recognize what we do not need any more. We are often times seeking permanent satisfaction in temporary things which ultimately leads to disappointment. However, keeping realistic expectations can help solve this issue.

For example, you may have met someone new. The person expresses interest in you and even admits to wanting to develop a friendship with you. You are extremely happy and the feelings are mutual. A few months pass and the interest goes down, but you are disappointed because you expected more.

A realistic approach says, explore. Explore who this person is, and enjoy the acquaintance. Expectations are made and kept best at mutual understanding. Unless you express your expectations to someone and your desires, it is unlikely they will be able to fulfill those wants automatically. It is also unlikely that they may be willing to do so. That is okay.

You will meet many people over time who may come and go and some who may stay. But the key to developing a healthy relationship is communication.

Let go of unrealistic expectations and realize the best is yet to come 🙂

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