The time it takes

Why do we give and take time away from ourselves as if we have total control over our lives?

Truth is, we don’t.

Often times we find ways to push ourselves to the limit, we have to be the first, the best, and the most.


What happens when our time runs out and we are not able to complete all we did or didn’t give ourselves time to do?

Will we be devastated?

I hope that in writing this, we can all see that time should not control us. What has urgency and importance should be measured in accordance to getting things done to the best of our ability, setting priorities as they come in order of necessity. I hope time will not get in the way of your quality of life. Ironically we make time for the things that take the most energy away from us and are negative than the things that replenish our souls and are positive.

Spend time keeping in mind that time is spent. Just like money, once you spend it, its gone.

Time, yes it passes away quickly without our control. So while living, lets do our best to have a wonderful time rather than spending time.

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