One day at a time

Living one day at a time is so important. Often times our lives get busy with many tasks. It can some times be overwhelming. Prioritizing our time spent on these tasks can really help. As a student, I find myself with several assignments due around time same time, especially during finals week. When I think about all I have to do all at once, I easily freak out. But when I write down each task and set a goal to get things done day by day, it is so much easier. The key is, if you say you are going to spend each day completing a different task each day, stick to it. In this way your tasks will not over lap. I encourage you to take time out to exercise or eat your favorite snack, or watch your favorite show in between. We need down time. Manage your stress wisely by first understanding what is causing you stress. Once you identify the cause, take practical steps to be proactive. One day at a time will save you the headache of trying to complete a whole week’s work in one day. If you take it one day at a time and accomplish one or two tasks a day, before you know it, the week will be over and you will have accomplished all you set out to do… without the rush. Hope this helps! 🙂



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