Staying true to yourself

Many times, we try to fit into the expectations of others. We live our lives changing and bending until we fit the mold we think others will accept. Often times when we do this, it causes us to feel regret because there is part of us that feels unfulfilled. Imagine applying for a job and getting it, only to realize you are not doing what you really want to be doing. Try not to make a choice which will leave you empty. A full life awaits you. Make choices that allow you to be your best self. Don’t bend to fit the job you know will not help your talents, do not bend to have friends or significant others who you are not compatible with, do not buy things to try to impress people with things you know you can not afford, Just don’t do it. Stay true to yourself, and the gifts you have been given, the qualities that make you stand out, and the dreams that make your life make sense. You are your best, when you remain true.



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