We draw so many lines in our lives. We draw lines and expect others not to cross them. If they do, than beware. Not only do we draw lines, but we rehearse them. We spend time thinking up situations and making sure we say what is fit when the take begins. Lines, they are something. As rigid as they may seem, they find a way to swerve and swish, causing disturbance and turbulence in our lives. Lines, do we really need them? Or do they keep us safe, that same line that prevents you from starting new, that line that keeps you boxed into fear, or the line that keeps you unforgiving, those lines you rehearse to justify your actions. Lines, think about what lines you have added to your life. Think about how your lines are affecting your life. Because for once, it is about you and no one else, for once you have to make a choice to deal with you, your self, your lines. Will you draw or erase?




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