One Life To Live


Hey guys,

Just a thought. How often do we sit and wonder what if, why not, and why me? Life, right? It can be a plain old mess at times and trying to answer those questions can certainly be frustrating. So here we are with another day of life, 24 hours. How will we spend it? You know the day is full. I am not sure what your day is like but many of us have days which we are working, spending time with family and friends, taking care of our homes and whatever other responsibilities we have. It’s just busy. One thing I want you to think about today is this. What is the one thing you did today which you enjoyed. Think about this carefully. Once you find the answer, I want you to do this one thing more often. There are some things which come to us which we can’t be paid for, may not be thanked for, but the gift brings joy without explanation. For that gift, I encourage you to share and live in full abundance. This one life that we have is going to be one to remember.



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