Choose me

What happens when you are not chosen ? Ever been on a job interview and you didn’t get the job? Ever been in love but the love wasn’t reciprocated? Ever want that house or car but you were not approved? How do we deal with these issues?

 For one you are not to beat yourself up. Sometimes there are things we need to work on and that’s okay to admit. Other times it’s not even an issue of working on something, in fact you could have worked your butt off. But maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. 

So often we dwell on these disappointments.  We cry and we get angry. It’s okay to acknowledge these feelings. 

But guess what? You have got to choose yourself. You have got to love your self no matter what. It’s not the end of your story. You’ve still got chapters to complete and you will find that some of your greatest rejections will add to the sweetest parts of your victory. You know why? Because you hung in there and you were able to see that it all just prepared you for an unpredictable blessing. 




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