Keep going

I know the journey seems so long. You are climbing up a mountain that does not seem to end. I know you are tired. I know it seems like the sun will not shine. Saying everything will be okay may not make you feel better but that’s just it. Feelings are not what should determine our footsteps. I know you have a beautiful gift inside of you and I just want to encourage you to use it. Now is not the time to give up on it. Keep watering that seed because in you is greatness!


An easy road was not promised 

Neither was a story with a happy ending 

There was no declaration of safety or a world free from wounds

Not a guarantee of protection from hurt

But you were given life despite of what may come

Because in you is everything you need to survive

Your greatest weapon is sometimes what you failed to unlock

The very fire and passion that makes you wake up and work

The determination that gives you strength

We spend a lot of time searching for things

Searching for love, money, fame and success

None of those things guarantee happiness

But for the part that it plays choose to bring life to others

With your heart, your soul and your mind

Keep going

Someone is waiting on you 

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