Everyone is searching for it. We spend hours, days, months, years seeking this four letter word.

Not many have it figured out. It get’s confusing to some

We ask questions like, ” How do I know when it’s real?” and “When will I find the one?”

Love, is it really that complicated?

How could the very word that brings comfort and joy also bring heartbreak and pain?

Is it really a double edged sword?

Or, could it be that we destroy words when we blame them for our mistakes?

We paint over red hearts with black lines, we take feelings and we abuse them?

Why do we do this? And then blame love?

We must remember that we are not to blame

Love admits wrongs, owns up to the truth

But keeps no record

Love will always be beautiful

Even when you are most broken its there offering to mend your heart

But will you be too blind to see?

Love is

everything good

Let love

grow inside of you

Through pain

Through hurt

Love will see you through

You should see it in the eyes

staring back at you in the mirror

One comment

  1. Wow Vicky! This was excellent. Love is so complicated, but nessasary also. But like you said in the end it’s love that will see you through. Great post

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