I love you

I love you

Not because you are worthy

You didn’t do anything special

You made some mistakes

But I love you

You weren’t there when I needed you

You got distracted and forgot to focus on me

But I love you

Broke your promises

Cheated on me with other desires

But still you have my time

Still I’m chasing after you

I’m feeding you with my grace

You weren’t always loyal

But I knew you wouldn’t be

That’s why I decided to groom you

Even before you really met me

I love you

And there is nothing you can do about it

You may reject me but I can’t deny who I am

I am the gift of love

When you leave out, I will still be in

pouring into you

cleaning you up

Doing all the things no one else will do for you

I take chance after chance on you

Even though you don’t deserve it

I love you intensely

Even though there is nothing you could do to earn it

You’re just not good enough

But that’s just it

I have a price you can not afford

But still you are on my list

I love you

Keep your faith

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