Not according to plan

Am I on the right track?, you ask. Nothing is going as planned. You do not have the job you planned to have, you do not have the finances you planned to have, you did not finish school when you expected to, your marriage is not what you thought it would be. We all find out that if we live long enough, no matter how much we plan, we sometimes can not predict what will happen next. A sudden illness or death of a loved one being some examples.

When the unexpected happens, what do you do? Panic, beat yourself up, take your frustrations out on others? I want to remind you of the importance of taking a step back to re-focus. You have the chance to grow and develop through every experience you have. Don’t get distracted. Expect the unexpected, it is a part of life.

Know that the journey may have a few twists or turns, but your destination will always be to victory if you keep a positive mindset.



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