I need your help: pushing against poverty

Hello everyone,

I would like your help supporting a cause. Please see below for more details! I would greatly appreciate your giving. I too have given and I would love to see this organization make a tremendous impact, not just in our local community but worldwide. Thanks everyone! Pass along please.

“Cleveland is the nation’s 2nd poorest big city, according to the 2014 Census. Yet, many great nonprofit resources exist for families to experience upward mobility. So why is there a problem? There is a huge gap between great community resources and families awareness of them. This causes families who are pushing to get out of poverty, stuck in a endless cycle, lacking a support system to help. What is the solution? Enter PushNation, a student movement since 2008 that has already supported 40 families.”

Please join me in supporting PushNation Inc.,a student movement that matches 3 trained family coaches with low income families, supporting their push out of poverty for a year. The goal at the end of service is for families to push themselves toward self sufficiency. Your donation is needed and would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made at https://ioby.org/project/pushnation-inc



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