The mission is love

When I was in line paying for groceries and I felt impressed to give the young man behind me my change, I knew the mission was love by the expression of gratitude on his face. And as he looked surprised and began to ask me if I am sure repeatedly, I knew that I touched his heart. He was not expecting that. It is through our unexpected blessings that we feel love in an in-explainable way. It is through face to face empathy and hands on care that we are uplifted and assured that everything will be alright. And as the man walked away all I could think about is I hope he knows that help is near. I hope he knows that someone is looking out for him. I hope he too takes on the act of kindness and realizes that the mission is love. There is only one life we live, and for that one life we should love with all our heart, all our mind and all our soul.



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