Before you get mad

Today I was on my way to meet with someone. They cancelled. I was so disappointed. I thought to myself it will never work out now. During the time they want to reschedule with me I will be very busy. Today was the perfect day and the only day so I thought. I was so bummed that I wanted to cry because I was really looking forward to it. I wanted to pray but I was just too angry. I emailed and explained my schedule. Shortly after I received a phone call and guess what, we rescheduled at another perfect time! I was so happy and speechless. I did not expect for it to work out, especially not so quickly.

You see, there is more than one “perfect” time. Sometimes we are so stuck on our timing that we can not see that there is more than one opportunity and more than one time for our blessing. There will be many more “perfect” opportunities in our lives and the best one’s will come not when we planned them. Let’s stay optimistic and fight against doubt!



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