Move foward with me

Hi guys,

2015 is almost here! yes, out with the old and in with the new:) This year we will speak positivity into our lives. We will live a life of optimism, of faith and of love! Here are just a few thoughts that came to my heart as I was encouraging my Facebook friends and I would like to share them with you all!

Let the disappointments redirect you. Maybe you need a new focus. A new perspective. Don’t force a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit. ‪#‎forward‬

Having an “I can’t “, “It won’t work” mentality. Stop it. ‪#‎forward

Waking up with a bad attitude and choosing to see the negative. Stop it. ‪#‎forward‬

Living to please others and not for God. Stop it. ‪#‎forward‬

Doubting yourself and not believing you are destined for greatness. Stop it. ‪#‎forward

Chasing down people who don’t return the effort. Stop it. ‪#‎forward‬

I hope you all are looking forward to moving forward with me! I have enjoyed encouraging you all and your support always encourages me. I love you. Let the countdown begin:)



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