Break out of the box

Hey everyone,

Happy new year! I want to wish you all a positive and prosperous year. Today I want to share with you a message on getting out of the box that others have placed us in. Sometimes we can not even see that there are other gifts inside of us because we are living attached to the labels of those around us. Don’t allow people to box you in this year. Live beyond the four walls. You don’t have to live your entire life in the labels others created for you. It is time for you to create your own brand. You don’t have to be “the funny one”, “the smart one”, “the stylish one”, “the responsible one”, “the unorganized one”, “the procrastinator”, whatever it is, even if the label is not necessarily bad, you don’t have to be what others expect of you. Maybe you have been forced to be serious your whole life because that’s what was expected but you honestly have a fun, silly side. You are afraid to show it because you don’t want to disappoint. Listen, BE YOU. You have the power to choose who you want to be whether it pleases others or not. Be positive and be unapologetically you, the you that you choose to be. Spread your light and move ‪‎forward‬ in 2015.



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