The hero in you

No one really wakes up saying, “today I will be a hero”. A mom does not usually give birth and say, “my son or daughter was born to be a hero”. A hero is often born when they are needed the most, in calm times as well as chaotic times. A hero can be a pedestrian picking up litter from the neighborhood sidewalk, or an innocent bystander who shares information after tragedy strikes. Is there a hero in you?

Before you answer that question, I want you to think about the times you have put others above yourself. I am sure there are many. These sacrifices are acts of love. You may be a parent. Parent’s sacrifice their time, energy, space and resources daily to ensure their children have their needs met. Maybe you are a volunteer and you help change the lives of the less fortunate. Perhaps you donate funds to local causes or global initiatives around the world. And it may seem uneventful, but most recently you may have let someone cut in front of you in line at a retail store, you may have helped an elderly women load the groceries in her car or even given a small gift to a stranger.

You my friend are a hero too. It does not matter how big or small the act. What matters is the heart and for every heart that is big enough to share an arm or two, I want to thank you for showing the hero in you.

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