What do you represent?

There is something on my heart. Recently I was at an event and as I was walking to my seat, I smiled at a young lady as I often do to to people sitting around me. A friendly habit I guess. But as I sat there I couldn’t help but notice the look on my sisters face. She looked very angry, and as I crossed her to get my seat politely saying excuse me, she decided to look me up and down in a very rude way. It was disturbing. So I politely changed positions. I was not angry at my sister. I was simple wondering, does she even realize what she represents? In that moment she carried a look that could kill. I had no idea why I was a trigger for her action but nontheless many of us have experienced this atleast once. I have with women young and old. Now, I am not one for perfect facial expressions, that is not the issue. The issue is the heart. I want us to think more about what we do with the purpose we have been given. How many of us have sat with a group of girls, in which one of them leads out the ridicule of another sister. That is wrong. I thought to myself, maybe she is having a bad day. Maybe. But the fact of the matter is this. Every moment counts. The times when we have an opportunity to give a resource to one of our sisters we barely know.

    The opportunity to hold her child as she is trying to handle some business. We are responsible for our verbal and non verbal communication. It hit me when I myself realized how hard it really is to connect with other women. We buy into the negative labels that we have been given. While yes, everyone does not belong in our circle and that is okay. But just because someone is not in your circle does not mean that they do not deserve your respect. We must respect everyone. Jealousy, envy, greed, hatred and insecurity plague many of our hearts. We must take a look within. Compliment your sister, see how she is doing, smile at her and keep it moving. Yes I do this often and sometimes they do not even appreciate the gesture but you know I will keep on spreading my light. The love within me given from God does not say love them when they return the favor, it says love at all times. So today, I ask you. What do you represent? and how well is your display?

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