Where do I belong?

Do you ever wonder where you belong? What job should you pursue, which man or woman should you pursue, which home should you make your own?, should you move or should you stay? Many decisions come up that must be made as time goes on and it is not always easy. At times you feel like you have the answer to everything and at times you don’t. If you are in a season when you do not have the answer, I encourage you to keep seeking. Find the answer. Don’t give up. The frustrations that come from searching can make us want to forget about it. But no. This is your time to learn how to go for something. Your life matters. If you can decide to get up in the morning and start your day, then you value your life. And if you value your life, then you should value your future and the impact your life has on others. Look around, notice the compliments you are getting, look at who is gravitating toward you, see all that you do that makes you happy. It is just a puzzle and it can be solved, just be willing to put the pieces together.



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