Peace during the storm

Have you ever felt so discouraged by life? Nothing seems to be working out. You try to have faith but you don’t see it working? What are you doing wrong? Why do you feel so stuck? Well I have been there. In fact I am there right now. I must remind myself of peace. I must remember that peace starts with what I place in my heart. I will have peace during the storm. When you are in a storm calm wind seems far away. Remember that you have control over your thoughts. You have the power to dismiss all negative thoughts. Release it all. You need to stay focused on your goals, your vision and your mission. Don’t allow the storm to distract you. It is always temporary and it is always going to pass. May your peace come from doing what you love whether you get paid for it or not, from spending time with the people you love and from loving yourself through all of life’s ups and downs.



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