Too tired to cry

If there is one thing we all have in common, it is that we all have a struggle, will have a struggle or just got through a struggle. We don’t always know when the struggle will end and that is the hard part. What can we look forward to during our tough times? I would say we can look forward to blossoming.

We are like a caterpillar. We are in a stage. A stage that shall soon pass. The caterpillars main job is to eat so that it can get strong for its next stage. My question to you is what are you eating? Are you filling your soul with what it needs to advance to the next stage?

Maybe we are too tired to cry because we should be rejoicing despite the struggle because we know that we are getting ready to advance.

Let’s change our perspective and believe that greater is coming.




  1. I feel the stage of pain almost everyday. Learning to take 1000 punches to the soul. The environment makes us believe what is possible and not possible. A saying goes, “if you want to know your future, look at your 5 closest friends.”
    Getting rid of negatives in life result in flexing a courage muscle.
    Love the post!

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