A purpose to pain

Sometimes the most painful experiences lead to a development of a beautiful purpose. I remember being a little girl and experiencing some family challenges. I thought to myself, why me. I grew up with dreams and aspirations. I learned about my strengths and weaknesses. In college I decided to pursue my strengths. Interestingly enough, what I am doing now is actually a product of weakness. It is from a place where I experienced the most pain. Sooner or later it all starts to make sense. Our resentment can turn into joy when we recognize that all things work together for the good. Even our hard times add to our best blessings. If you are like me wondering why me, take a moment to change your perspective. It’s you because you are destined for greatness. It’s you because your story is tied to the saving of others. It’s you because at the end of your rainbow is a pot of gold. Keep pressing on. The greatest battle you face is not your closed doors but your closed mentality. You live the way you think.



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