The choices we make

Have you ever been afraid to make a choice because you were worried about making the wrong one? So many people are and it is okay if you are. May I change your focus for a moment? What if you did make the wrong choice?, Sort of like getting lost on the way to your destination? Do you think that getting lost means that you can no longer make it to where you are trying to go? May I add that although a one-way sign means you can not pursue the road any further, one could always make the choice to turn around. In life, we can not be afraid to make choices.



While we may have gotten lost or we got stuck for a minute on that one- way road, we learned how to navigate through problems. We learn what does not work for us so that we can more easily find what fits us best. So no need to worry. It is not the end of the road for you, but simply a new beginning…if you choose.





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