Be your own kind of beautiful

How do you define beauty? Each person may have their own definition. Your definition may go against what is considered normal. You may believe that your mind is the most beautiful attribute you have. Someone else may think their body makes them beautiful. Another may feel endurance makes them beautiful. Internal beauty shines outwardly. As we evolve as women, we will find that there is more than one way to be beautiful. We are not limited to the thoughts and opinions of others rather liberated by the empowerment of creating our own kind of beautiful.


You have your own unique style, your own unique look, your own unique way of thinking. This world is a better place when you decide to contribute your gifts to it gracefully. There is something special about learning about who you are. When you know who you are, no one else can define you. When you love who you are, no one else can degrade you.

We can act confidently, think optimistically and move forward when we choose to. In this season, be sure to take time to invest in what makes you feel beautiful. Create the life you dream of by embracing your individuality & sharing it with the world.






  1. I really enjoyed this. This conversation is vital for this generation. I think it’s important to feel beautiful and to acknowledge the beauty of others. Like another woman’s shoes? Tell her. Love the way someone wrote something? Tell them! Share beauty and love! Thank you for this. I feel beautiful. 🙂

    • Thanks Linette. I am blessed by your feedback 🙂 you are so welcome. I am glad you feel beautiful because you are!!

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