Queen trust your King

Queen trust your King.

This analogy comes to me because I am reminded that the journey of life requires trust. As young children we learn trust often times from the people in our lives who show us that they are dependable; those that we have relied upon to meet our basic needs. Many of us women are juggling many tasks simultaneously, whether that be caring for a family, completing your degree, keeping your home in order or balancing your relationships with family and friends.

While doing so, you may have discovered that challenges come along the way. We often put pressure on our selves to make sure that every task on the to-do list gets checked off. Today I remind you that we can not do it all on our own. We have to learn to trust someone else to help us. This may be hard for some of us. For some of us those pressing tasks have not been completed if we had not rolled up our sleeves and gotten it done ourselves. I understand. But there comes a time when we must rest.

If you have faith, know that you were not created to fight life’s battles alone. A Queen’s role is so important. So important that she must be protected. Will you make room for the King to take his place? Will you make room for the king to fight your battles?

“This is what the Lord says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.”- 2 Chronicles 20:15





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