Open your gift

Each day there is a gift waiting for you. That gift, you may decide is not worth opening. What if that gift was not wrapped up, it was without a bow, and an inviting invitation? What if the gift had no name, and you could not figure out what to name it? What if it was not given to you by a person? What if it lacked all of the traditional characteristics of a gift, would you recognize it? Gifts are not always formal, traditional, or expected. Sometimes we open them when we feel we aren’t ready. Sometimes it’s not what we wanted but it’s everything we needed.  When is the right time to be blessed? Ask yourself when is the right time to be great? Why not just embrace what you are given without hesitation. Silence the thoughts, the doubt and temptation to be anything other than who you were created to be. Your time is now. Your time to be free.

Open your gift.





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