No Shade



It’s hot. Not the kind of hot that a fan can cool down.

It’s uncomfortable. The kind of sweat that can’t be digested.

There is no shade. There is no way we can gain relief.

There seems to be no tree’s in sight.

Nothing to reduce the stress associated with vulnerability

In this season where we don’t get to choose

Today you were born but you weren’t born free

At a time when faces have color

But those colors don’t get to choose their identity

No shade

But it is hard to breathe

With so many masks we wear that we did not choose

From a distance there was the sun but it got lost in silence

Some how there was a voice but it got lost in violence

Disadvantage and systems far up the ladder

Still knocked down, keep climbing

That’s what they say

Even if you are accompanied by no shade

How must we decide when to rise

When the sun is far from here

Having families with little children

Hoping the sun will reappear

Let’s just say there is hope even if it can not be seen

Lets just say there’s something to believe in even if its only just a dream

Speak up, Speak out

We are drowning in doubt

But our people know victory in the faith we were fed

How can it serve its purpose in families who lack bread?

Tell me where is the love in a world that is so cold

Hugging mothers clinging to sons and daughters

Who may one day have to get bold

Stand! It’s time to announce the new generation

Hope, healing and happiness

Standing in the spotlight

Creating the light that is not there

Giving hope to the heart in dispair

Lift every voice and sing

Let nothing turn back the hands of time

Only thing worse than having no shade

Is a hand with faith too little to climb.


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