Wellness check: How are you?

Stress! Everyone is faced with stress: work, family, health, education, racism, social injustice, and finance could be a few stress areas. This is a reminder to be well and manage your stress wisely. Let’s look at a few ways how. 

  • Journal- Release your feelings. No judgement. No pressure. Just you and your thoughts. 
  • Exercise- Enjoy the chance to release stress in a positive way while also getting healthy 
  • Prayer- Medidate on what is good. Release the negative. 
  • Support- Open up to those who care. Have a shoulder to lean on. 
  • Rest- Be sure to get the appropriate amount of sleep. Take a physical break with resting but also a mental break from negative people and environments. 
  • Rewards- Do things that make you happy. Plan that trip, buy yourself a treat, enroll in a class. Focus on what brings a smile to your face. 

Let’s all take a moment out of each day to check in with ourselves. Be well. ❤️

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