2017: Get Ready! Get Ready!


As I sit and reflect on 2016, I realize it has been rough. When I say rough, I mean rough! There have been some great moments through it all. I sit here thankful for those great moments. I also remind myself that the rough moments have built character in me. If we never went through trials, we would never grow. Growth is just a sign that you are getting ready for the next level of your life. So if you have had a rough year like me, do not worry.

We have stayed the course and we are getting ready for new blessings. It is exciting! Life can be unexpected and things may not go as planned but you are not a failure. We all have to get redirected from time to time. Stay committed to showing up everyday and changing the things you want to change. You are more than capable of living the life you imagined. Not a perfect life, not a life without difficult moments or difficult people to deal with, but peace despite those difficulties. You can have joy. You can have peace. Gratitude is key!

I am grateful to spend a portion of my life inspiring and motivating you. I pray blessings to you and your family in this new year!

#GetReady #GetReady 🙂

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