Know Your Worth


Hi everyone!

Happy Sunday. I greet you with positive thoughts. This year I have been intentional about speaking positivity over my life and dreams. I urge you to do the same. It does not mean that challenges will not come, however, with the right mindset we can overcome challenges with joy!

This year I am intentionally taking steps towards what I love. I write so that I can tell the stories of others, so that I can encourage the world and so that I can freely use my gift to spread light in dark places! In my own heart I see growth, I see truth and empowerment.

I was once discouraged that I did not get the opportunities to write that I thought were best for me. But once I realized the freedom of being a leader, I could see that my job didn’t start when someone hired me but when I hired myself. Don’t get discouraged when someone else does not see your worth! See it for yourself and act on it.

This year is your time to shine-so that others may be blessed by your leap of faith. So that you can finally be free in who you are meant to be!

Love and blessings,


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