Being a woman: Sharing a piece of my heart

Hi everyone,

I decided to write a different piece today about my experience as a woman- a woman in her twenties. So growing up, I truly believed that I could become anything. My dad really made me feel that way and so did my mom. Teacher’s were great and I always felt so confident academically. But there were other areas of my life where I needed to grow-like accepting my brain. Accepting the fact that I am curious, I ask questions, I come out of my shell when I am inspired and I become alive. I had to accept that it won’t make everyone comfortable. You can see it in their body language or even how someone may try to shut you down a notch when they feel you are “shining”.

As a woman in her twenties, I am still growing. I have gone from college to the working world. I see things differently. I see life, family, career and love differently. I look at how men and women’s roles are changing and even how sometimes they still manage to stay the same. Look at the idea of having a first female president and the opinions that we are not quite ready for that in America.

I am a woman. I can not change that. And while I may be quiet at times, I have a voice and I must use it, even if it means I may get mean stares by other women or a glaring eye of  an unprogressive male. This is who I am. Brown and a woman.Being brown does not make me less competent than my peers. Wearing my high heels and my skirts does not make me afraid to try.


It does not mean I will always be right or never fall. Sometimes I will be wrong, sometimes I may fall down, but I am determined to grow through the process. Being smart or strong does not make me undesirable. Being a leader does not make me less than a team player who can also follow. I know that being a woman is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Sometimes we get hurt just because of our gender, just because of our role or the box people may want to put us in. I strive to create my own box.


A twenty-something year old woman with her own mind

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