How much is money worth


How much is money worth

How much power does it bring

How much substance does it add

To the life of a golden ring

Is it the virtue of the hand that holds it

Is it the movement that it brings

The hearts and minds that move along to the beat that it sings

How much is it worth

And where is its return

Does it undue the injustice

That it sometimes causes to burn

Lingering on in the souls of mankind

Marching to the drum of a hidden mind

How much would you pay for just one big break

Your mind, your soul, whatever it takes

Stop to think is it worth everything you mean

Can you be okay knowing it took the very essence of your true gleam

I see

It travels far, takes you places you have never been

It brings you closer to the valleys you have always wanted to cross

Deeper to the seas that you never could see

I want to know

Is it really giving back

Or is it simply taking your breath away

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