Not easy

You deserve my effort

Not my pain

You deserve my heart

Not my gain

What’s in me is what I’ve seen

Convincing myself not to live there

We can only thrive

If I acknowledge my true feelings

No passive aggressive

No dismissive acts


So oneness can exist


The process

Trust me through imperfections

To let God lead me into your arms

When the time is right

Trust is confidence


Note: How many of us struggle to start fresh after heart ache? I am here to tell you that it is possible one day at a time. I used to doubt myself because I felt like I kept choosing the wrong folks but then I changed my mindset. I started to believe in my ability to make good choices and learn from my mistakes. I had to first start to trust my own self. I asked myself what areas have I let myself down in? How can I give my own self what I deserve? The answer was through love. First loving me, then loving another. We must always be balanced and we must change our mindset. Don’t live in the past. Learn from it and expect the best in your future. There are trustworthy people in the world. Love conquers all 🙂

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