Embrace Discomfort and Birth Something New



I remember being very sure about my life at age 21 and 22. I was certain I had figured out what my whole life would be like. I laugh now-only because I had no idea that the world would get much bigger with each new step I took. Things would change. I would change and my desires would change. Change is good but it does not always feel good, right, there are growing pains. There is stubbornness. Letting go of your original plan can be scary.

I realize that I have been living in a comfort zone. I have centered my goals around what I knew I could achieve and what I knew I would be comfortable with. Now, life has led me to leave that comfort zone and I admit, I am so nervous! However, I choose to fight through it, so that I can experience bigger, better and more exciting things.

Don’t be discouraged if your predictions did not turn out the way you thought. It takes courage to take what you know now and use that knowledge to push forward. Acknowledgement is often the first step. We all need growing pains to help us leave our comfort zone.

Embrace discomfort in order to embrace something new. You will be surprised at how much greatness is inside of you.



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