I discovered something 

It was my strength

When the pain could’ve destroyed me 

I found truth

I acknowledged the real deal 

I discovered a soul 

Needing healing 

I thought for a moment

That I needed the acceptance

But I remembered the bigger picture 

Fighting for me 

There is a battle in this life

And it is not against those who talk about you 

It is not against those who sabotage your goals 

It is against things we can not see

There is something to be discovered when we face trials 

It is what we are made of 

What is inside of us that will kill 

Or make stronger 

How then will we survive 

Without discovery 

How can we seek without realizing we 

Need to be found 

I can’t go far 

Searching within you 

It’s only within me 

That I can find my freeness to be 

I want to say that I have all the answers 

But my faith tells me I don’t 

My faith gets me up when I won’t 

So then I didn’t lose anything 

I found something 

My declaration 

It uncovered me 

Found new blessings


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