Empowering Yourself

If you’re like me you spend a great deal of time thinking of ways you can help others. My career path so far has been doing just that. My personal life has also been doing just that. I absolutely love putting a smile on someone’s face, making a difference and showing compassion. 

Recently I checked in with myself and I asked myself a question. “But how do you empower you ?”   This question ran deep for me, beyond just my typical self-care rule. This question implied that I could be pushing others forward while standing still. Not moving is not okay with me. I couldn’t even remember the last time I reflected on what sets my soul on fire. 

My encouragement for today is to not let too much time pass before you remember yourself. Whether you have to journal, talk with a friend, or create a plan, take steps to make sure you don’t leave yourself behind. 

We are women, mothers, sisters, friends, and experts at something. We give and then give some more. 

It’s okay to take time to empower yourself. Create a business plan, plan a trip abroad, go on that date. You matter too. I just wanted to remind you. 



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