Finding freedom 

Waking up to realize that chains still exit

Is an enlightening realization 

The chains that came through an emancipated proclamation 

The struggle of the educated brown woman

The one who raised her hand to be first 

When is she acknowledged ?

Is it after she excels in her work ?

Time in time again almost perfectly 

Or is it the moment she breaks free from bondage of oppression ?

When is she allowed to speak ?

Why is she labeled offensively when she does ?

Fighting to be free 

With the only choice to disagree 

She stands 

Though not still 

Fighting against the stereotypes 

Facial expressions often reveal 

Painful recollections 

Experiences that are hard to prevent 

Racism is prevalent 

Dreaming of the world her kids will exist in 

Praying she gives them enough history

Without taking them back 

Without harming their memory 

Decisions she must make 

Holding on to faith that the world tries to take 

What does it cost when it’s supposed to be free ?

How do you fight for her when her is me?

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