The Community For Me

The community for me 

Is the heart of home 

It is the place where dreams are formed, Families are created and visions are birthed 

To make room for a more peaceful earth 

But with complexities rising

And disparities existing

We find ourselves with reasons to listen  

The choice to be silent or the choice to be free

The choice to stand still or boldly disagree 

When black babies are dying 

More often than not 

And we find ourselves voiceless 

Without a policy slot 

We must find time 

To embrace the resistance 

Using our community as the classroom existing 

In this space, with the freedom to think 

Our work becomes the missing link 

To solving problems that were once ignored 

Achieving equity all across the board 

We are the change that we want to see

Every day we find ourselves changing the mind of the deceived 

To join the movement 

In eliminating the deaths we see

Our compassions keep moving 

Our hearts keep changing

So that future generations 

See less disaster 

This work we do is from the heart 

Strengthening families 

That opposition can force apart 

This is community 

A work of faith

The drive and commitment 

To do what it takes 

To save a life 

Inspire a leader 

Tell her story

To those who need to believe her 

So that a world where brown and black 

Has meant less 

Can be changed so that everyone understands 

That we all deserve best 

The time is now 

To do our part 

So don’t give up 

Don’t lose heart 

Because of you 

A new life has a start  

A helping hand goes a long way 

So don’t let uncertainty get in the way 

The path may change but the mission stays the same 

The community for me 

Is being the change. 

One comment

  1. Wow…this is dated my first day at work for an agency’s whose sole mission is to address and decrease infant mortality in African-American families. This has touched me. Thank you.

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