Dear John 

Dear John 

You matter 

You are loved 

You are needed 

You are strong 

But you can be weak with me 

I see you 

You bleed too

And I’m here for the ups and downs 

Just know 

We need each other to lean on 

Don’t leave when it gets tough 

Don’t run when it’s hard 

Let down your guard 

Because I can see your scar 

You want to provide 

But the world attacks your pride 

I have your back 

I feel your heart 

You don’t have to walk alone 

You’re a good man 

And I believe in you 

Not perfection 

But the honesty shining in you 

Dear John 

You are him

The man afraid to let go 

Just know if you do 

I’ll be right beside you 

Loving you 

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