Because of you 

Feeling the breeze of new air 

I waited for him to come 

Like I knew he would be there 

But instead the steps went left 

Leaving me at the right 

No fight in sight 

I walked away optimistic 

Looking for the cure 

Ready to leap 

The risk it takes to fall 

The risk it takes to get back up 

I still had hope 

So beautiful 

So true 

So one of a kind 

So why am I standing here? 

Without you in line?

I looked for him but I realized he had passed 

He was never meant to last 

So I stood still 

And I saw you 

Standing there 

You became what I needed to see 

Someone who always believed in me 

Never spoke a negative word 

Never saw me as other than amazing 

You have always been since we met 

My healing friend 

Someone like you should never be forgotten 

I see you when you don’t want to be seen

I’m with you when you’re afraid to dream 

You are something special 

Not just on special days

But everyday over the years  

You’ve been a friend 

A fine example of a man 

For that I cherish you 

Because of you 

I still believe. 

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