Beautifully Made


I’ve seen women at their lowest. I have counseled women and their children. I have seen what hopelessness can do to someone. Confidence doesn’t come from simply believing you are amazing, it is trusting that even when life tries to take away everything you thought was valuable, your value was never in them to begin with.

Your value is always deep down inside. So many women never get to discover that value because the world teaches us that our value is in who we date, what car we drive, how much money we make, how we look and how popular we are.

Our value is in our decision to persevere, to love and to be joyful despite the challenges life brings. We are valuable when we learn to take care of ourselves. We are valuable when we see our value for ourselves and we stop allowing other people to define us.

My challenge for you today is to define your own value. Only you can decide your worth.


Love always. xoxo


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