Living Healthy: As Defined By You

In today’s culture, more people are becoming health conscious. Most will agree that this is positive! We now have more ways to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As we define health for ourselves, let us take a minute to recognize what makes us feel healthy and why are we doing it ?

As with any goal we set, having a purpose in doing it needs to be clear. Yes, it’s what’s right, it’s what every one else is doing, but what do you specifically want?

I remember being in college and becoming exposed to the vegetarian lifestyle. It was something I felt would be beneficial to try, but I refused to pressure myself into anything without reason. It took time for me to decide that it was a best choice for me.

So try different things and find out what works for you. Whether it’s a new workout routine, new recipes or new mindset changes.

Health as defined by you will be much more fun to maintain.



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